Monday, November 29, 2010


This is how I feel right now. I haven't blogged in, let's face it, months! MONTHS! I have sort of forgotten how to blog. Let's see... if I remember correctly, all one has to do in order to blog is, well, talk. Talk about their day, talk about something funny, talk about the guy singing so loudly that they can hear it through the walls (which I can), apparently I just have to talk. Alright, here goes.

There was a packing extravaganza last night! Packing for 23 degree weather isn't extremely easy, if you haven't noticed. We packed gloves, scarves, mittens, self-ventilating pants, toiletries, 17 thousand t-shirts and 3 long sleeved shirts, a water bottle, thermal undies (that's right, I said "undies"), a sleeping bag and pillow, rain gear, snow boots/hiking boots, EVERYTHING! Tomorrow, my class, my mom, some teachers, some chaperones, and I are going to Yosemite, where frostbite is possible! :D I always knew my mom was a smart packer, but man! She packed all of the stuff listed above into a Timbuk2 bag and a tiny backpack. It was insane. That doesn't count the sleeping bag, which is in a pillowcase, but still! INSANITY! Why do I keep doing that? I keep typing words in all caps with an exclamation point after sentences.*flashback*: EVERYTHING! INSANITY! *flashback over* Anyhoo, I should get going. Gotta make sure that I have everything for the trip. Wish me luck! Ciao!

Whaddaya think? Pretty good right? I know, I know, I'm a natural. No, no hold your applause. Autographs after the event is over, thank you. And now... I make... an exit!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Mail. What is mail exactly? Is it something that makes a child wait with anticipation at a window staring at their mail box? Is it something that means you now have another possession? Is it something that leaves you in suspense until the receiver comes home and opens it? Is it something that disappoints you when you open it up and it's only a bill? It is all of these. People get excited when they find out a letter or package has come and it has their name on it. Not another person's name, THEIR name! People get excited when this happens, but don't understand why it only happens near christmas or their birthday. This is understandable because they like getting excited and they want it more. What they don't understand is that actual people take the time to send these things. Their own valuable, precious time. But do the people receiving take their valuable, precious time to send anything? Hardly. To get in the world, one must give. If you want more mail, send more mail! You'll be surprised at the results. It works, trust me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

7th grade is OVAH!!!!!

ok, first of all, my stomach just said "hi". not kidding. it either said "hi" or "bly" but either way it was weird.
secondly, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!!!!!! doo doo doo doo duh duh do doo doo CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!!!!!!! that's right I am officially an 8th grader baby!!! it's good thing too if you read my previous post.
ok, I'm going to go now.
p.s. I met cindy pickett

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why can't I get the hang of 7th grade?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

7th grade has WAY and I mean WAY too much homework! It's making me crazy!!!!! grrrrrr... You would think that one would be used to 7th grade by now but NOOOOOOO! Aren't you wrong! I mean really, who can do 30 minuets of reading by tomorrow, 40 math problems by tomorrow, 10 science review questions by tomorrow, 15 science vocab words by Friday, and a worksheet about commas by tomorrow?!?!?!Who?!?!? WHO?!?!?! If you know anybody who can, tell 'em I've got a job for them.

Monday, October 12, 2009

First off...

Why in the world are baby rats so adorable???? Why I ask you?? Second off why is facebook so boring??? That's right! I said it! FACEBOOK IS BORING!!! And I know whoever is reading this is thinking "How insulting! Facebook is the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life!" Well guess what? I think you should get a more interesting life that's what I think! Because seriously, if you're entertained by that site must not have much in your life. And hey maybe I'm wrong. Maybe facebook just hasn't proved itself worthy of being interesting yet. Maybe there's some part of facebook that I just don't know! I'm not saying it's a bad site or anything, it's just not that interesting that's all...

In other news...I made three beanbags and a puppet yesterday...and...that's all I guess...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kuno needs to go on a diet

We got tiny little guppies to feed Kuno, my snake, and we put like six in there and when we came back to check on him, all of them were gone! so we gave him five more. Another check on him and the five were gone! I was about to put five more in, when I stopped to look at him. He was lounging next to his little half coconut house and he was FAT! F-A-T FAT!!! Also you could see where the fish were in his little snake body. It would be pink, pink, pink, gray, gray, GRAY, GRAY, and then pink, pink, pink, again. Funny huh?

In other news, I FOUND A PUPPY AND WE GET TO KEEP HER!!! If you look on my mom probably wrote about her. I'm not positive though. I'm just saying she might have...

Friday, August 21, 2009

And I have a little god-cousin

HALLILUEAH!!! Kingston-the-little-baby-cousin has arrived! And my mom is an aunt:
Go visit her blog and she has pics of Kingston I believe...